Bita Mohebati

Bita Mohabbati

Painter, Artist August 16, 1974, Iran

+98 9121357546

Bita Mohabbati was born in Iran, 1974. She is a creative Iranian Painter. She took a bachelor degree in Graphic. She has held eight solo exhibitions of painting. She has participated in 35 numbers of Group national and international exhibitions such as: Exhibition of “Art Expo” in Los Angeles, 2012

Exhibition of “Euro Expo” in Italy, 2017 Exhibition of “Euro Expo” in Italy, 2018 Exhibition of “Canada Painters Community”, 2020 Exhibition of “Women’s works”, USA, 2020

بيتا محبتي 

  متولدو ساكن تهران 

ليسانس گرافيك 

برگزاري 8 نمايشگاه انفرادي 

و 35نمايشگاه گروهي درايران و خارج از كشور

از جمله 

ارت اكسپو لس انجلس 2012

يورواكسپو ايتاليا 2017 و 2018

انجمن نقاشان كانادا 2020

Women’s works آمريكا 

2020Bita Mohet

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